10 million tons of plastic waste pollute the world's oceans

Every year around 10 million tons of plastic waste flood the world's oceans. In order to stop the littering, politics, industry and consumers have to pull together. Because the plastic can no longer be fished out. The sea is now one of the dirtiest places in the world. Plastic bags, plastic bottles, straws and toothbrushes float in five large garbage whirlpools. Real waves of plastic waste wash up on the beaches. If we don't do anything about it, by 2050 more plastic will swim in the ocean than fish.

More than 663 animal species are directly affected by the garbage disaster. Every year around one million seabirds and one hundred thousand marine mammals die from the litter. Often they mistake plastic for food and then starve to death on a full stomach. Whales, dolphins and turtles get caught in six-pack carriers and old fishing nets and drown in agony.

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